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Pediatric Eye Care

Kids have a unique habit of getting things stuck in their eyes. Whether it’s playing with a toy the wrong way or something else, eye injuries happen to children all the time. That’s in addition to the amount of eye care kids need regularly to make sure their eyes are developing correctly. These reasons and more are why we offer pediatric eye care services here at Greenwich Eye Care.

Pediatric Eye Care

Pediatric Eye Care

Eye care for children provides all the same basic eye care and preventative health attention that adults receive with a vision check-up, as well as specific attention to development issues and risks that can affect a child’s vision permanently if not addressed early. In most cases, our eye doctor regularly tracks child patients in terms of how their eyes are functioning, meeting expected vision performance criteria, and whether or not any signs of problems are appearing that need to be addressed.

Frequency of Attention

Eye exams for children should be performed by an optometrist annually at a minimum and should begin at the kindergarten level. If a child is beginning to have or shows signs of an inability to focus, cannot see things clearly, or cannot read up close or at a distance, a pediatric vision treatment eye exam is a must. Typically, the eye exam screening will catch issues that are not apparent to a casual observer, but are obvious to an eye doctor. More importantly, when a child seems to be just fine, exams can still identify concerns that may not be progressed yet, but are already present and will show up later in adulthood if not corrected.

Pediatric Eye Care in Old Greenwich

Greenwich Eye Care provides a responsive pediatric vision treatment solution for pediatric eye care needs. At our practice, your child will be fully checked and examined for any potential issues as well as put on a timely preventative schedule to make sure vision issues aren’t developing unexpectedly. Our team covers all the details of vision status, performance, expectations, and different ages and follow-up on any symptoms or signs that might be questionable.

Don’t Leave Your Child’s Vision Up to Chance

Give us a call to schedule your first appointment and get started. We look forward to meeting you at our Old Greenwich office and show you and your child how we can help protect vision for a lifetime.

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