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Stye Treatment

Revolutionizing Stye Treatment: Same-Day Solutions at Our Dry Eye Practice

Suffering from a painful stye? Our clinic is excited to offer same-day stye treatments using the latest advancements in medical technology. We understand how uncomfortable and inconvenient styes can be, which is why we've invested in cutting-edge light-based therapies and dual-frequency RF treatments. These innovative methods are designed to quickly reduce inflammation, eliminate stye-causing bacteria, and improve gland functionality, all at the same time.

Breakthrough Light-Based Therapies

Our clinic's OptiLIGHT light-based therapies are at the forefront of stye treatment. This technology precisely targets the affected area, reducing inflammation and pain without invasive procedures. The light therapy works by emitting specific wavelengths that penetrate the skin, reaching the oil glands affected by the stye. This process not only helps in killing the bacteria responsible for the stye but also promotes quicker healing and recovery.

OptiPLUS, Dual-Frequency RF Treatment – A Game Changer

In addition to light-based therapies, we also use dual-frequency RF (Radio Frequency) technology. This advanced method is highly effective in treating the stagnant oil within the gland, a key factor in stye development. The dual frequencies work together to gently heat the area, melting and mobilizing the trapped oil, and allowing the gland to function properly. This not only treats the current stye but also helps prevent future occurrences.

Same-Day Treatment – Fast and Effective

We understand that your time is valuable, and dealing with a stye can be a significant inconvenience. That's why we offer same-day treatments. Our procedures are quick, typically taking less than an 30 minutes with our dry eye specialist Dr. Inna Lazar.


If you're struggling with a stye, don't wait for it to worsen. Our clinic's advanced, same-day treatments can provide you with immediate relief and a speedy recovery. Contact us today to schedule your appointment and experience the future of stye treatment.

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