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Pediatric and Family Eye Care in Old Greenwich and Darien

At Greenwich Eye Care & Pro Eye Care, we specialize in pediatric eye care and are leaders in Myopia Control, ensuring your child's vision doesn't worsen and safeguarding their bright future. Our expert team provides comprehensive eye exams tailored for children, focusing on early detection and management of eye conditions to promote lifelong vision health. Schedule an appointment with us today to give your child the best start in eye care and ensure their optimal visual development.

Whether you need treatment for dry eyes, are looking for the perfect pair of prescription sunglasses, or require comprehensive eye exams for your whole family, Greenwich Eye Care and Pro Eye Care are your trusted partners in Old Greenwich and Darien, CT. From the moment you schedule your appointment, our dedicated staff works to understand and meet your family’s unique needs, ensuring personalized care for each member.

We pride ourselves on providing top-quality eye care services to our community in a friendly and welcoming environment. Experience the difference at our clinics and ensure your family's eye health with our expert care.

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