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Sports Vision

Optometry can not only monitor and improve your vision and health eye, but give you vision therapy to improve your visual acuity. At Greenwich Eye Care in Old Greenwich, CT, we offer sports vision therapy in addition to a variety of other optometry services. Our goal is to help your eyes and vision be at their best.


What Is Sports Vision?

Sports vision is a critical component of sports and athletic performance. Essentially, it is the science of helping athletes get to their peak levels of performance by enhancing visual skills as much as possible. If your vision is impaired, it makes it much more difficult to perform physical activities.

Vision is often the sense that is the most variable when it comes to how it affects sports performance. Information that is gathered through vision dominates the information that is gathered by other sensory systems. Because of this, it is essential to performing well in almost any sport. There is a growing body of evidence that tells us that different visual abilities can actually be enhanced and strengthened through the appropriate types of visual training.

How Does It Work?

Our optometrist offers sports vision treatment. Important aspects of sports vision are hand-eye coordination, being able to watch moving objects, depth perception, peripheral vision, and more.

Our optometrists will perform several tests to determine your current visual acuity. Then, we can create a plan to improve aspects of your vision that are weaker. Sports vision therapy focuses on gradually improving these aspects. This make include LASIK, new prescriptions, or visual exercises to improve your visual skills. Sports vision therapy allows athletes to achieve their maximum potentials.

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If you need to improve your visual acuity, or are unsure of your vision’s current state, we can help. At Greenwich Eye Care in Old Greenwich, CT, our optometrist can diagnose your vision and eye health. We will then work with you to improve your visual skills and assist your athletic performance. To learn more about our services or to schedule an appointment, call us today. 

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