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Family Eyecare

If you or members of your family have eye issues and you live in or near Old Greenwich, CT, come to us at Greenwich Eye Care. An optometrist on our team can help them. We specialize in both eye pediatrics and family eye care.


We can provide a variety of services that can help you or, a family member, see your best.

Myopia Management

Myopia  is also known as being nearsighted. People have this condition when their eye is too long and shaped like an oval rather than round.  Their cornea might be curved too steeply. Nearsightedness can be a genetic condition that's passed down from family member to member. Other things, like looking too closely at a laptop or tablet screen at a young age can cause this.

We can help people by having glasses or contacts made to correct how light enters their eyes and allow them to see normally. We can also provide ortho

Dry Eye Treatment

A lot of people have dry eye, though it is usually temporary. If it persists, then it may be a good idea to see an eye doctor on our team. Otherwise, you risk long-term negative effects on your eyes. When you come and see us, we will do a thorough exam to find our what is causing your dry eye. Then we will figure out the best way to treat it, whether it's combining prescription eye drops with your adding a humidifier in your home if you live in a dry area.

Custom Fit Contacts

People are unique and so are their eyes. While there are plenty of contacts on the market, you want to get ones that are made just for you or your family member's eyes. We will do a thorough eye exam and determine the exact measurements that will make your contacts feel natural when they are in your eyes.


We make lenses that you wear at night to help you with your nearsightedness. They correct the curve of your eye so that you will have normal vision. This can be a great option for both children and adults, so bring in your family members who are nearsighted.

Computer Vision Treatment

Spending a lot of time on computers can affect your eyesight.  We can make contact lenses for you that will ease any eye strain or other things that come about from using computers for a long period of time.

Get Family Eye Care and Eye Pediatrics from an Optometrist on Our Optometry Team

At Greenwich Eye Care, an eye doctor on our optometry team is ready to help all the residents of Old Greenwich, CT, with their eye conditions. Feel free to contact us today for an appointment. Call us at (203) 698-5049 for more information.

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