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Contact Lens Fitting

Almost anyone can wear contact lenses now, however, it is still important to find the lenses that are best suited for your condition. At Greenwich Eye Care in Old Greenwich and Darien, CT, we provide contact lens fittings to learn more about your eye health and recommend the right contacts for you. Before visiting us, learn more about what this exam consists of below: 

contact lens fitting

What Happens During a Contact Lens Fitting?

When you get contacts, you will need a regular eye exam and some additional steps to ensure that the lenses you choose will be comfortable. During the regular exam, our eye doctors will ask you some questions about your eye health and whether you are having any vision problems. We will also perform an evaluation to determine your prescription. You may be nearsighted, farsighted, or have other conditions that will affect your prescription. The eye exam will also test your peripheral vision and look for other conditions, like glaucoma.

Before the fitting, our optometrists will ask questions about your lifestyle. Some people have naturally dry eyes or work in areas that might make contact lenses uncomfortable. You can also tell our eye doctors if you prefer colored lenses. We will also measure the surface of your eye as well as the size of the iris and pupil.

If you naturally suffer from dry eyes, your doctor may give you other tests or recommend special contacts that can reduce your symptoms. When you receive the fitting, our optometrists will provide you with a variety of contact lenses to try on and make sure they fit properly. In addition, we will ensure that they are aligned properly and don’t cause discomfort.

Follow-Up Appointments

Follow-up appointments are important, as they allow our optometrist to check if the contacts are working well. If your current lenses are causing discomfort, we can recommend a different pair. Along with that, our optometrist can make sure that they are being inserted and removed correctly and provide guidance on how to care for your contacts.

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If you are searching for an optometrist near me that offers quality contact lens fittings, our team at Greenwich Eye Care in Old Greenwich and Darien, CT, is happy to help. Once we evaluate your eyes, we can recommend the lenses that will help you see more clearly. To schedule your appointment, contact our Old Greenwich office at (203) 698-5049 or our Darien location at (203) 202-0202 today.

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