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For those who wear glasses, wearing sunglasses may seem like a hassle. However, prescription sunglasses make it easy to wear them any time you are outside or in your vehicle. At Greenwich Eye Care, we have years of experience helping Old Greenwich residents select the perfect pair of sunglasses. Our eye doctor will help you select a pair based on your needs, lifestyle, and fashion preferences.


Wear Sunglasses Year Round

Many people will wear sunglasses in the summer months but skip them in the winter. They often believe that the sun isn't as bright in the winter because the weather is colder. However, the sun is just as bright all year long. Wearing sunglasses can help protect your eyes in the winter just as well as they do in the summer. UV rays can damage your eyes no matter the time of year. Sunglasses protect your eyes by filtering out this radiation while allowing you to see clearly.

Protection from Debris

The eyes are soft and can easily be scratched. Scratches are often caused by small bits of debris blowing into the eyes. Wearing sunglasses while outdoors is the perfect way to protect your eyes from harmful debris. This is especially relevant to those who work outside and those who fill their free time with outdoor activity.

Dry Eye Protection

Another thing that sunglasses can protect your eye from is getting dry eye or making it worse if the condition is already present. Dry eye is a common eye condition that results in eyes that itch, burn, and otherwise hurt. Air blowing into your eyes further aggravates the condition by drying the tear film on the surface of the eye even faster. It's especially important to wear sunglasses on windy days.

Choosing Sunglasses

Sunglasses aren't just for protection. They can also enhance your appearance. They come in stylish shapes and colors and can add balance to your face. Try on several pairs to find the style of frames that best suit your face. You may find that your sunglasses add a lot to your overall look and become a part of your personal style. 

Optometrist in Old Greenwich

If you are looking for a pair of quality prescription sunglasses in Old Greenwich, the optometry professionals at Greenwich Eye Care are ready to assist you. For more information on the benefits of wearing sunglasses year-round or to schedule an appointment with our eye doctor, call us at (203) 698-5049.

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