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Glaucoma Treatment in Darien, CT, and Greenwich, CT

What is Glaucoma?

Glaucoma is an eye condition that can cause permanent vision loss, typically starting with vision changes in the periphery. Diagnosing, treating, and managing glaucoma is crucial to help you preserve your vision.

How Does Glaucoma Cause Vision Loss?

Glaucoma affects your optic nerve and retina, which relay information about vision to the brain. As eye doctors, we measure and carefully monitor certain eye parameters to ensure we catch any ocular health damage if present. Early detection is key to preventing significant vision loss.

How is Glaucoma Treated?

Glaucoma can be treated in various ways, including reducing eye pressure. Your eye care provider may suggest or recommend other procedures as well. At Pro Eye Care, we take pride in our comprehensive glaucoma management, keeping a close look out with appropriate follow-ups whether you may be suspicious of having the condition or are being treated.

How to Find Out if You Have Glaucoma

Genetics play a role, especially if you have a family member with the diagnosis. However, signs and symptoms are typically delayed in patients with glaucoma. This is why routine eye exams are incredibly important. Make an appointment with our eye care providers for a comprehensive eye exam.

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If you are concerned about glaucoma or have a family history of the condition, it's important to seek professional care. Visit Pro Eye Care for a comprehensive eye exam at one of our locations: Old Greenwich, CT (203-698-5049) or Darien, CT (203-202-0202).

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