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Common Eye injuries

Eyes are prone to injuries which can be mild or severe. These injuries can happen at home, at work, or during accidents. When you sustain an eye injury, it’s advisable to see an eye doctor for examination and prevent the effects from worsening.

eye injuries

Greenwich Eye Care offers high-quality prescription glasses to our patients in Old Greenwich, CT. If you have an eye injury, visit our eye hospital for a checkup and prescription of high-quality glasses. The major eye injuries we see in our patients are discussed below.

Scratched Eye Injury

A scratched eye injury is also known as corneal abrasion. This injury commonly occurs when you rub dust, sand, or any foreign particles in your eye and scratch your cornea. Scratched eye injuries need immediate help to prevent eye infections. If you get a scratch on your eye, you should avoid patching the eye to prevent bacteria.

Chemical Burns

Chemical burns happen when an acid, chemical, soap, or other irritant substance enters the eye. While some substances like soap only irritate the eye and are less likely to cause permanent problems, strong chemicals like acids, hair sprays, and some alkaline may harm the eye. If your eye gets into contact with an acid or harmful spray, contact your eye doctor for an examination.

Eye Swelling

Eye swelling is another common injury when the eyelid is swollen. The swelling could result from an infection, clogged eyelid, allergy, skin infection, or an underlying health issue. Eye swelling can be mild or severe, depending on the cause. An eye checkup can help identify the main cause of the swelling.

Eye Bleeding

Eye bleeding is also known as subconjunctival hemorrhage. This injury shows that an eye vessel is broken due to a physical eye bruise, hypertension, or diabetes. Other possible causes of eye bleeding include infections, excessive eye rubbing, laser eye surgery, and weather changes. Blood within the eye can be scary to anyone, especially if it happens suddenly without an injury. Visit our optometrist immediately after noticing eye bleeding to apply treatment immediately.

Contact Us for Common Eye Injury Care

An eye injury can be devastating and interfere with daily activities. To correct the problem, visit our experienced optometrist. Schedule a comprehensive treatment appointment with Greenwich Eye Care in Old Greenwich, CT. Call us at(203) 202-0202 to schedule an appointment.

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