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Welcome to Our Practice: Your Family's Partner in Eye Health

At Greenwich Eye Care & Pro Eye Care, we offer exceptional eye care tailored for families in Old Greenwich and Darien, CT. Our specialized approach to dry eye treatment, myopia management, and concierge services ensures that every family member receives personalized and comprehensive care—from children to adults. Early detection and treatment of eye conditions are crucial for lifelong vision health, and our expert team is committed to identifying and managing your unique eye health needs with precision and compassion.

Expert Diagnosis: Precision in Every Examination

Dealing with eye health challenges such as dry eye disease, blepharitis, styes, red eyes, eye strain, or double vision and headaches requires meticulous care and expertise. At our practice, our eye care providers specialize in both pediatric and adult eye care and are adept at diagnosing and managing conditions across all age groups. We understand the complexities of eye development from childhood through adolescence and into adulthood. Our team excels in patient communication, making it easier for even our youngest patients to express their vision challenges. Schedule your comprehensive eye exam with us today and experience firsthand our commitment to your family’s eye health.

Understanding Modern Eye Care

Understanding modern healthcare can be challenging, especially with the rapid advancements in eye care treatments and diagnostics over the past two decades. Many parents find navigating these changes daunting, which can lead to hesitation in seeking necessary care from an optometrist. At Greenwich Eye Care & Pro Eye Care, we prioritize patient education, ensuring that every family receives a thorough explanation of all eye care options. Our dedicated team, led by Dr. Inna Lazar, commits to providing clear, concise information so you can make informed decisions about your family's eye health.

Building Lifelong Relationships with Your Optometrist

At Dr. Inna Lazar's practice, our goal is more than just a single visit; we are committed to building a lasting relationship with your family. Regular visits allow us to monitor and quickly identify any troubling trends in your eye health, ensuring you receive the best preventive care. Regular eye exams also teach your children the importance of proactive healthcare.



Healthcare can be a minefield for people today, especially given how much things have changed over even just the past 20 years. From treatments to diagnoses, parents can be quickly overwhelmed and may even avoid the optometrist altogether. Dr. Lazar and her staff will take the time to explain everything to you, ensuring you have enough understanding to make informed decisions.  


Dr. Inna Lazar does not want to see your family once and then send you on your way. The best optometrist-patient relationships are built over time, so we have all the information we need to spot troubling trends as soon as they develop. When you become a regular patient, you're giving yourself the best chance of maintaining the health of your eyes. Plus, you're teaching your children the importance of taking care of themselves too. 


From dry eyes to prescription sunglasses, Greenwich Eye Care and Pro Eye Care can help you get all of your eye health needs met in Old Greenwich and Darien. When you call our staff to schedule an appointment, we start getting to know you immediately. Whether you just want to bring in one child or you'd like to take care of everyone in one meeting, we're here to collaborate with you. 

In everything we do, we aim to provide our friends, neighbors, and the surrounding community with quality eye care in a setting that is friendly and welcoming.

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